The Enheduanna Society Online Art Gallery


Exhibition #1, January 2010

Thank you for visiting the Enheduanna Society’s first exhibition of work inspired by Mesopotamian art and mythology.
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At Your Door

‘At Your Door’
by Mazin Ahmad

Babylonia Gate and Secrets

‘Babylonia Gate and Secrets’
by Mazin Ahmad

Follow Me

‘Follow Me’
by Mazin Ahmad

The Door of Hope

‘The Door of Hope’
by Saad Ali

Inanna Feet Descending

‘Inanna Feet Descending’
by Eleanor Allitt


Inanna, Ninshubur & Enki

‘Inanna, Ninshubur & Enki’
by Eleanor Allitt


Innana Title

‘Inanna Title’
by Eleanor Allitt


The Language Barrier

‘The Language Barrier’
by Sina Ata


The Tigris

‘The Tigris’
by Theresa Caruana


Return of Inanna

‘Return of Inanna’
by Jocelyn Chaplin


Dying Lion

‘Dying Lion’
by Sanaa El-Rawi


Freedom No 1

‘Freedom No 1’
by Satta Hashem