The Enheduanna Society Online Art Gallery


Exhibition #2, May 2011

Thank you for visiting the Enheduanna Society’s second exhibition of work inspired by Mesopotamian art and mythology.
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‘Inanna’s body hanging from a hook’
by Eleanor Allitt

‘Inanna opens her eyes’
by Eleanor Allitt

‘Stairs back up to the great above’
by Eleanor Allitt

‘Archaic Figure’
by Sheena Barnes

‘Dying Lioness’
by Sanaa El-Rawi

‘Hunting Scene’
by Sanaa El-Rawi

by Sanaa El-Rawi

by Ray Muna

‘The Key to Mesopotamia’
by Katrine de Nohr

by Zina Ramzi

by Gillian Salvat

‘Ishtar’s Descent’
by Eleanor Winter