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‘Return of Inanna’
by Jocelyn Chaplin


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About the artist:
Jocelyn Chaplin is an English artist, psychotherapist, writer and teacher. She grew up in Southern Sudan and Ghana and studied in Durham and at Makerere University in Uganda. She has worked with the stories and images of Inanna/Ishtar for many years to explore gender relations and psychological alternation between the conscious and the unconscious. She has also published books that use goddess images such as Inanna to help in relationships today. Jocelyn lives and works in London.

About this work:
Painted during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, this is almost a prayer to the goddess Inanna to return to her land. The ziggurat symbolising hierarchical thought and organisation is partially blotted out by a wave of Inanna’s symbols and an earthy goddess shape connecting to earlier times.

Return of Inanna by Jocelyn Chaplin