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‘The Tigris’
by Theresa Caruana

Mixed Media Collage 2009

Artists’s website:

About the artist:
Theresa Caruana is a US citizen of Latin American Ethnicity (Puerto Rico). In her work she explores the harmonies and tensions between the growth of civilization and the natural world. She utilises a range of media from sculpture and collage to live performance and interactive digital media. Now living and working in Nottingham, England, she is currently a visiting research fellow at the Mixed Reality Laboratory at the School of Computer Sciences, University of Nottingham.

About this work:
Reminiscent of Gilgamesh’s mythical invention of the sail, a reed boat built in Iraq using 5000 year old techniques takes the anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl on a journey of cultural exploration. An image of the Tigris delta as seen from space forms the background. ‘The ancient quest for knowledge lives on,’ says the artist, ‘shaping our future as well as expanding our understanding of human histories.’

The Tigris by Theresa Caruana