Enuma elish... at the British Museum, 5th March 2009


Fran Hazelton re-told the 3000-year-old Babylonian creation myth, Enuma elish to an audience of 350 at the British Museum.

The performance was part of a programme of events organised by the Museum to accompany their Babylon: Myth and Reality exhibition.

Musical accompaniment was by Tara Jaff (harp), Roskar Nasan (oud) and Nihad Ali (percussion).

The performance also included projected background images and the voice of Frans van Koppen speaking lines in Babylonian.

Irving Finkel, curator of Babylon: Myth and Reality, gave an introduction.

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Enuma elish... "When on high..." The Babylonian creation myth




In this video, you can hear the first 20 lines of Enuma elish... spoken in Babylonian by Frans van Koppen with percussion accompaniment by Nihad Ali. It also includes an English translation by W. G. Lambert.





This video is the same as the one above but includes an Arabic translation by Dr Nail Hannon and Muzahim Al-Jalili.




The complete English translation of Enuma elish... is available on the Etana website.

Original drawing of Marduk by Tessa Rickards in Gods, Demons and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia by Jeremy Black and Anthony Green, University of Texas Press (1992)





This video is Fran's dramatic retelling of the death of Tiamat.





This video is the musical finale featuring Tara Jaff, Roskar Nasan and Nihad Ali.