Anniversary Reception


More than 80 people attended an anniversary reception at the Brunei Gallery in the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. The event was held to celebrate fifteen years of ZIPANG Mesopotamian storytelling, ten years of the Enheduanna Society, and the successful completion of the three-year Discover Mesopotamia through Storytelling project.


"This project will help Iraqis living in London to engage more fully with the history of their homeland through the collections held at the British Museum and by reviving the ancient storytelling and cuneiform writing traditions. Non-Iraqis will also gain a fascinating insight into Mesopotamia as the birthplace of writing, mathematics and astronomy."

هذا المشروع سيساعد العراقيين في لندن، لمعرفة أوسع لتاريخ وطنهم"

من خلال آثاره المعروضة في المتحف البريطاني، وإحياء تقاليد رواية

القصة والكتابة المسمارية القديمة. ويساهم ايضا في اآتساب نظرة

معرفية لغير العراقيين لأآتشاف بلاد ما بين النهرين بوصفها المكان

".الاول للكتابة وعلوم الرياضيات والفلك

Sue Bowers, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund, London

At the reception, the Three Kings of Warka book and teachers’ packs on Ancient Sumer and The Assyrian Empire were launched. Three new projects under development were announced.

Guests watched a slide-show illustrating the Society’s history and activities, and featuring people who have been involved in ZIPANG events over the years. To view a version of the slide-show, click here