Reel Iraq Festival


The Reel Iraq Festival organised by Firefly International marked ten years since the US and UK invasion of Iraq and the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime. A week of activities explored the contribution of art, culture and creativity to Iraqi life in time of conflict.

The contribution of the Enheduanna Society to the festival was a performance of the ancient Adapa story in English and Arabic by ZIPANG Mesopotamian storytellers Fran Hazelton and Badia Obaid.

The Adapa story is a musing on the meaning of life that was written in Iraq three thousand years ago on clay tablets. It was written in the Akkadian language using cuneiform script. It tells how Adapa, the wise man of Eridu, acquired everlasting wisdom but not everlasting life. This came about because he broke the wing of the south wind as if with the power of a god and without the permission of the sky god Anu.

The performance was given at the Rich Mix cultural centre in Shoreditch, London.