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The two teachers’ packs on this website are a free resource for teaching a World History Study of either Ancient Sumer or the Assyrian Empire to children at Key Stage 2. They are intended for year 6 but can be adapted for years 4 and 5.

Their creator, Simon Clemenson, is a class-room teacher at Elmgrove School in Harrow who has studied the Sumerian and Akkadian languages and cuneiform script at Birkbeck College in the University of London.

Both teachers’ packs contain background notes, bibliography, suggestions for cross-curricular links, web links, and five prepared lessons with SMART notebook (SNB) files and photocopy-able worksheets.

There is also a poster map of Ancient Mesopotamia (illustrated below) showing the locations of Sumer and Assyria.

Click here to view/download a high-quality PDF version of the Mesopotamia poster shown above

ICT requirements

● The materials in these teachers’ packs have been designed to run on Windows computers and might not run on Apple computers.

● Each lesson can be downloaded as a single ZIP folder containing several files. With recent versions of Windows, ZIP files can be opened and the contents extracted using Windows Explorer. Older versions of Windows may require ZipGenius in order to extract files; click here to download a free copy of ZipGenius. Other free applications to unzip files are available.

● The number and type of files varies from lesson to lesson.

Every lesson includes:

A PDF lesson plan for which Adobe Reader is required; click here to download a free copy

A Notebook file, for which SMART software is required; click here to go to the download site (licence required after 30-day free trial)

Some lessons also include:

PDF worksheets

Links to online web pages, for which Internet access is required 

Ancient Sumer lessons

Before downloading the lessons, please click here to view/download a printable overview of the Ancient Sumer teachers’ pack.

Lesson 1 — Archaeology download now

Lesson 2 — History download now

Lesson 3 — Food download now

Lesson 4 — Cuneiform writing download now

Lesson 5 — Mythology download now

Assyrian Empire lessons

Before downloading the lessons, please click here to view/download a printable overview of the Assyrian Empire teachers’ pack.

Lesson 1 — History download now

Lesson 2 — Archaeology download now

Lesson 3 — Cuneiform writing download now

Lesson 4 — Mythology download now

Lesson 5 — Fighting download now

We hope you find these teachers’ packs useful in your teaching. Please come back to the site when you have used them and give us your feedback. You can click here for a feedback form. Or, if you prefer, send an email to TeacherFeedback@zipang.org.uk


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